List of people I ship:

Not in any particular order. Ones that have "OTP" are people I want to end up together. Ones that have"ENDGAME” basically make me sob when they aren’t together and are basically my reason for existing. Especially Klaine.

  • Klaine (Glee) OTP/ENDGAME

  • Romione (Harry Potter) OTP/ENDGAME

  • Rose/Doctor (Doctor Who) OTP/ENDGAME

  • Swarkles (HIMYM) OTP/ENDGAME

  • Sid/Cassie (Skins) OTP

  • Peeta and Happiness (Hunger Games)

  • Jewnicorn (Life)

  • Tom/Summer ([500] Days of Summer) OTP

  • Johnlock (Sherlock) OTP/ENDGAME

  • Lily/Marshall (HIMYM) OTP

  • Faberry (Glee) OTP

  • Alisha/Simon (Misfits) OTP

  • Neville/Luna (Harry Potter) OTP

  • Rory/Amy (Doctor Who) OTP

  • Tootsie/Megagirl (Starship) OTP

  • Naomily (Skins) OTP

  • Rich/Grace (Skins) OTP

  • Sebastian/Jesse St. James (Glee)

  • RJ Berger/Jenny Swanson (The Hard Times of RJ Berger)

  • Quirrell/Voldemort (AVPM) OTP

  • Jim/Pam (The Office) OTP/ENDGAME

  • Scott/Wallace (Scott Pilgrim VS The World) OTP

  • Brittanna (Glee)

  • Jack/Liz (30 Rock)

  • Fabrevans (Glee)

  • St. Berry (Glee)

  • Amy/The Doctor (Doctor Who)

  • Nathan/Himself (Misfits)

  • The Doctor/Craig (Doctor Who)

  • James/Lily (Harry Potter)

  • Fremione (Harry Potter)

  • Sinn (Glee)

  • Quartie (Glee)

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